Dear Sir or Madam,

for the sake of maximum safety of our Customers and the highest quality of Drutex S.A.’s products,

we hereby inform our Customers that Drutex S.A. has been notified by a renowned manufacturer of mountings for windows, MACO (Mayer & Co Beschlage GmbH), about a possible risk concerning MACO’s tilt‑and‑turn mountings with a packaging date from 2018/10 to 2019/03.
According to the information provided by MACO: “It cannot be ruled out that with some mountings parts it is possible for the scissor and hinge to decouple, which in the worst-case scenario can lead to the sash falling out of the window frame. This may cause a danger to the health and life of the user. This risk has been identified during laboratory tests in MACO workshops. In none of the windows installed at the customer's premises has such an event occurred so far. However, it requires immediate checking at a particular customer and possibly supplementing the scissor with a dedicated clip or gluing two elements.
We emphasize that opening windows is completely safe. Potential risk concerns only the function of tilting the window”
According to the information provided by MACO, the defect can be eliminated without affecting the safety of the window. In the nearest future, MACO is planning to carry out a corrective action on MACO’S expense.

Potentially faulty mountings were supplied, among others, to Drutex S.A., and were used to manufacture windows:

with a manufacture date from 18/10/2018 to 30/05/2019.

MACO's corrective action will be coordinated through a global CALL CENTER specially established for this purpose. Through the CALL CENTER it will be possible to arrange a convenient time for MACO service team to visit you.
The commencement of the corrective action and the CALL CENTER is planned by MACO in the earliest possible time. You will be provided witch detailed information soon.

Until then, please be very careful and do not use the window tilt function. Normal opening is not dangerous.

Despite the lack of fault of Drutex S.A., we deeply regret this situation, apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Leszek Gierszewski
President of the Management Board
Kamila Newlin-Łukowicz
Vice-President of the Management Board

Bytów, 16.07.2019